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In the morning I usually have warm water with lemon, well before I go to bed, I love to have warm turmeric golden milk. Turmeric calms and soothes inflammation and also it is very detoxifying for the liver and gallbladder among other properties, that´s why I love to have it at the end of the day as it feels like drinking an elixir.

I like to have it a bit warm, as it feels more reconfirming to me, it is like a light dessert, it is not too sweet just perfect.


1 tbsp coconut oil

2 turmeric roots

1/2 vanilla pod

2 tbsp agave syrup

2 cups almond milk

a pinch of black ground pepper – It is really important to add the pepper as it helps the body to absorb the turmeric.

total time: 5 minutes

serving size: 2 serves


Just put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until you get a smooth consistency, then heat it before starts to boil

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