How cute are these tarts coconut tarts with cherries and mint? Are super duper delicious, quite easy to prepare. If you are looking for fresh coconut sweet tarts with a crunchy crunch, this is your recipe! 😉

The crush is just perfect is like a granola crunchy crust with a sweet touch, so delicious. I love how easy the filling is to prepare too, the agar agar really makes my life easier.

You don´t have to be an expert to prepare this recipe, this is what I was looking for.

I hope you like it! Leave me your comments in the box below!

Have a lovely Friday! 😉


3 & 3/4 cups of oats

15 medjool dates

5 tbsp maple syrup

ingredients for the filling:

10g agar agar

1200g coconut cream (3 cans)

5 tsp maple syrup

10 cherries

some fresh mint leaves





total time: 1 hour

serving size: 5 serves


We´ll start preparing the base of the tarts. In a food processor add the oats, 15 pitted medjool dates and 5 tbsp maple syrup, after blending pour the dough in each mold. The molds that I use, have a diameter of 12 cm, pour the dough in each of the molds, bake in the oven at 200ºC for around 10 minutes until golden and firm.

Once the base of the tarts is ready leave then in the freezer to cool down.

To prepare the delicious coconut filling of this coconut tarts with cherries and mint we´ll start by pouring the product from the coconut cream cans in a sauce pan, add the agar agar and the 5 tsp of maple syrup. The mix has to boil for 7 minutes, then reserve in a side to cool it down.

Whilst the cream and the tarts are cooling down you can prepare the cherries, in this recipe I cut the cherries in halves and remove the stone. Wash some mint too and choose leaves for the 5 tarts.

To prepare it just remove each tart from its mold, then pour the cream, leave it to set for 10 minutes in the fridge, after that add the cherries and the mint on top. Enjoy lovelies! 😉

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