Hi everyone! I am Belinda, welcome to The White Chestnut, I’ve been writing this blog since March 2015 and love it and enjoy it more than I can possibly say, I hope you’ll love it too.

At the moment I live in Spain, I started the blog when I was living in London as a way to start a healthy vegan lifestyle, taking care of the foods that I eat and knowing whats in my plate. Eating this way has allowed me to have more energy, to be inspired for the food that I eat and to inspire others to eat healthy and enjoy the incredible foods that we have available to nourish our bodies and having fun cooking them.

I get excited by the fresh produce, the texture, the color, the variety and the flavor. The way fresh food should be with all its beautiful imperfections. I love being able to see and buy different products and try new varieties of food available in the market. There are such beauty and community in food: growing, preparing, cooking, eating and sharing it together.
More than anything I want the blog to show how easy, delicious and beautiful healthy food is – it’s so much more than salads.

It’s all about having fun whilst healthy food that tastes delicious!

This way of eating it´s all about balance and variety, there is no deprivation at all, so there’s no fixed amount of dates, quinoa or tomatoes you have to eat in a day, we have all different lifestyles and different needs.

You can also adapt my recipes to your preferences and play around with the ingredients, just make sure you love what you are eating so then you´ll enjoy this way of nourishment!

I hope you enjoy our food recipes and thank you so much for stopping by!